Tuina Chinese Massage

Tuina Chinese Massage About the course Tutors This modular QiGong Tuina course if for practitioners who wish to learn Tuina and who have a working knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each module / weekend has been uniquely designed and broken down into standalone teaching sessions allowing you to choose which of the 7 sessions you

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How to make and use Dit Da Jiu trauma Liniments

This 1-day Chinese injury poultice and liniments practical hands on course has been specifically designed for participants who have a desire to learn more about how to make and use Chinese injury liniments and poultices.

Injury liniments became famous in martial arts circles for their efficacy in treating all sorts of pains and traumatic injuries gained in training. These traditional liniments are called Die Da Jiu 跌打酒 (\”Fall and Hit Wine\”) in Mandarin, or Dit Da Jow in Cantonese, the name more commonly seen in the western world.

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