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Crystals VLE course

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This course is designed to be taken alongside our face to face course.

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Crystal have been used and have been around since the beginning of mankind’s existence. This ancient therapy works with the natural power of crystals and gemstones. Crystals are used worldwide and help us to restore our stressful lives. 

This introductory course will give you a basic understanding of crystals, their meaning and uses.


Crystals are a safe and non-invasive that can clearly be felt by the participants and has wonderful lasting benefits.

During the course you will cover the following topics:

  • History of crystals
  • What are crystals
  • Choosing, storing, cleansing and energising crystals
  • Recommendations for a basic set of crystals
  • Chakra balancing using crystals

Taking the course will enable you to download as you progress a comprehensive manual for reference

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About the tutor

CPDG Debbie Cordory

Debbie Cordoroy

All about Debs HERE

This crystal course improves upon your prior knowledge of crystals and techniques.

You will learn about the human energy system, sacred geometry, choosing and cleansing crystals, and specific crystal healing techniques.

The course also covers how to use crystals for personal and spiritual development, including grounding, protection, meditation, and psychic development.

Finally, the course explains how to use the Law of Attraction with crystals to manifest goals. A crystal reference guide is included for healing and spiritual development.

This course builds on the knowledge gained from our Crystal course or your own foundational knowledge of crystals and techniques. 

This course will open your mind to the endless possibilities of how you can use crystals to enhance your life and the lives of others. Through advanced personal and spiritual development and in manifesting desires.

The Crystal Diploma starts off lightly – giving a recap of crystal terminology and attributes, discussing the differences between raw and tumbled stones and exploring the crystal healing approach to wellness.

To be an effective practitoner, it is imperative that you understand the human energy system. Through this course you will learn about:

  • The 7 main chakras – Their positioning in the body, colours, and what they represent.
  • The human aura – The function of the auric levels or subtle bodies and which chakras they relate to.
  • The meridians – How they work with the chakras to create the perfect energy flow.

You will also learn how each of these energy systems can become blocked.

Choosing and cleansing your crystals is a deeply personal and spiritual journey. The Crystal Diploma Course explores how to use your intuition or a pendulum to choose a crystal, methods to cleanse and charge it, and how to attune yourself to and program a crystal. You’ll also be introduced to crystals that you may wish to add to your collection and the qualities of each.

Sacred geometry describes our understanding of universal patterns found all around us. There is power in sacred geometry that can be used in crystal grids, which combine and focus the qualities of crystals so that their effects are amplified. From the course, you will discover more about sacred geometry and it’s use in crystal grids. You’ll learn about the components of crystal grids, so that you may create your own, including the kinds of stones and crystals to use for specific goals, where to place them, how to set up a grid, the different methods of activation, and how long to keep a grid active for.

To help you choose the best crystals for a particular ailment, be it physical, mental/emotional or metaphysical/spiritual, the Foundation course on crystals  includes a comprehensive reference guide to crystals and their uses.

Specific crystal techniques are described, including:

  • Day-to-day – Small things you can do each day to balance energies.
  • Chakra – How to detect blockages, choose crystals.
  • Aura healing – How to cleanse, heal and strengthen the aura.
  • Distance healing – How to project healing energy to those who are far away.

In addition, crystals can also be used for spiritual development. This course covers how to ground and protect yourself with crystals, and the importance of doing so, and how to use crystals to aid meditation and spiritual awakening. You’ll discover how crystals can help in connecting to higher realms, and aid in psychic development and in accessing Divine guidance. To assist you in choosing crystals for spiritual development, a reference guide is included.

Used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction, crystals can be used to help us manifest our desires and realise our goals. The foundation course on crystals explains the Law of Attraction – what it is, the steps involved, how crystals can be used to complement the practice, how to use crystal grids to ramp up the manifestation process, and how each chakra can help support this. A reference guide to the crystals that will help towards various goals is also included.

Crystals course

Learning Outcomes and evidence of achievement:

Learners will be required to show achievement of a range of relevant learning outcomes and assessment criteria:

  • Theory knowledge will be assessed during your training time.
  • The final assessment is made up of ????? multiple choice questions you must achieve 70% to pass.

No attendance is needed to complete this course.

Course Duration

This course takes approximately ???? hours to complete. 

The course will be available to you for 12 months from the date of course confirmation. 

Please note that you must log into the Learners Portal within 60 days otherwise the portal will mark your course dormant.

Course Pre-requisites:

This course is available for complete beginners with no previous experience, basic computer skills are required to complete this course.

This qualification is a good starting point for people who want to become

The course is practical and helpful for beginners and experienced people alike

You don’t need formal qualifications to join the course, but you should be able to read and write at a basic level.

The course will be assessed through a combination of practical assignments and a written self evaluation report.

You will receive certificate upon successfully completing the course.

We send you a hard copy by post, and an e-certificate electronically for your files.

The course is typically gained over  ???? days, depending on your mode of study and your pace as a learner.

This course is made up of :


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