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What is Auricular acupuncture?

Auricular acupuncture is a highly valued and proven method of integrated medicine that has been utilised by expert practitioners for many years.

It has been observed to produce effective and long-lasting results while being a safe method of treating a variety of physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

The microsystem theory which forms the basis of this technique is founded on the idea that certain points in the ear are linked to different parts of the body which correspond to the specific organs that they stimulate.

This method is highly efficient in addressing health concerns such as anxiety, stress, addiction, pain, sleep disorders, and weight management, among others.

The use of ear acupuncture offers a variety of treatment options to patients, several advantages include reliability, affordability, accessibility, and a non-invasive application of expert knowledge.

This has made it popular worldwide among practitioners who seek to provide holistic care to their patients.

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