Training commitment

Highfield qualifications
Your Rights

As a learner at an HABC approved teaching Centre you have certain rights. You have the right to:

  • High quality training

You can expect the highest standards of quality training from suitably qualified Trainers, regardless of which of training centre you have chosen.


  • Be treated with respect

You will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration for your dignity religious and philosophical beliefs.
All staff will treat you politely and pleasantly.


  • An explanation

if you are not satisfied with the service you receive we encourage you to tell the trainer. You have the fight to a reasonable explanation.


  • Make a complaint

If the trainer is unable to resolve the problem please see the procedure below.


  • Complaints procedure

HABC adopt a pro active approach to resolving any complaints to a Customer’s satisfaction. To ensure this is as efficient as possible please follow these steps.


  • Contact the Trainer

The first step if you have a complaint is to talk to the Trainer, in private if necessary, who should try to resolve the problem immediately.


  • Contact CPDG limited

If you are not satisfied with the outcome the next step is to notify CPDG limited. We have our own complaints procedure.


  • Contact HABC

Only after giving CPDG limited a chance to deal with your complaint should you ask HABC to investigate.

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