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Introduction to delivering training

What is teaching and training?

Effective teaching and training, play a crucial role in education and workforce development, by providing individuals with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their chosen professions, and contribute to society.

This process involves equipping learners with new knowledge, cultivating positive attitudes, and promoting desirable behaviors through a variety of learning activities.

Teaching and training are core components of education that facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills, and attitudes from one person to another.

The goal is to empower individuals to apply the knowledge acquired during the process to their daily activities, and to receive feedback that helps them improve their learning outcomes.

The differences between teaching and training


Conveying information or knowledge to a specific audience, typically in a formal setting such as a classroom, seminar or lecture hall. Various techniques can be  applied, including lectures, discussions, group work, and demonstrations, to achieve the specified learning objectives.


Equipping individuals with the necessary skills and competencies to perform specific tasks or duties. A more hands-on approach that includes frequent practice, repetition, and feedback. It can occur in a variety of settings including on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and formal training programs.
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