Benefits of the VLE

Broaden your mind

Providing you with Unique Bespoke CPD since 2007

Meeting yours and your professional associations requirements for CPD

From Tiny Acorns


We have an extensive and constantly developing catalogue of CPD courses, uniquely designed to meet your professioanl and personal needs.

From student, novice, to experienced practitioner, our bespoke courses offer you an opportunity to improve and develop professionally.

We, like you, recognise the link between high standards of education and training and high standards of care.


Do Great Big Oak Trees Grow


Learn from the professions lead specialists in a convenient and affordable way


Expand your knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development


Every course is fully time stamped and certificated. Perfect to provide to your professional body

Study at your own pace

Expand your knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development

Why Choose Us?

CPDG why choose us
FREE VLE for attendees of courses

We provide you with free VLE content if you have taken one of our face to face courses. Full unlimited access.

Industry Leaders

We have the most experienced practitioners taken from healthcare professions.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

A more enriching experience. Focus on challenging areas with extra time and attention to improve knowledge and confidence.

Professional Certification

Each course comes with a CPD certificate that is valid for the educational time you have studied taking it.

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